Arthur N. Rowe Ltd

We're international traders of quality products including zips, sewing, thread, haberdashery, handcrafts, scissors, buttons, yarn, knitting, notions.

We offer a consistently high level of service to the retail & manufacturing industries in New Zealand.

Our beginnings ...

The company was founded in 1923 by Arthur Rowe. With over 76 years of trading in Haberdashery and notions, Arthur N Rowe has earned a solid reputation for quality products and excellent service.

Management by three generations of the Rowe Family, and the backing of well known and respected international brands has established A.N. Rowe as a major wholesaler in the New Zealand Market place to both retail and manufacturing businesses.

New and existing ranges are constantly being reviewed to maximise our performance and ensure our position is maintained into the future.

Recognizing the internet is a major effect in our lives, an initiative has started, in conjunction with Prema Systems to analyse the impact of the internet on our business and that of our retailers. 

There has been a shift in the home sewing / homecraft community.   With the dramatic cost reductions in recent years of finished clothing, there has been a significant reduction in the numbers of people involved in homecraft and related activities. 

A new market is trending strongly. This market is characterized by young people taking existing clothing and related articles  and enhancing them creatively with trim etc. This group has grown virally in the US with the help of purpose focused social networks like Pinterest.

Our challenge is:

  • To help our retailers connect with the new market opportunity
  • To help the newcomers to the craft community to connect with the existing craftspeople and suppliers


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